Visions of Color

I was lying in bed, one morning, just thinking about what I was going to do that day. Visions of colorful landscapes just appeared as I laid there with my eyes closed; I thought they were so beautiful. I got up and started sketching as fast as I could. I wanted to capture the colors I saw. One had such a beautiful golden sky and field of red flowers. I was so worried I was going to forget what I saw. This is why I love pastels; no paint to mix just start adding color and blending. I worked small just 5×7; I could always make larger paintings later. Sometimes I like to tap or dot the pastel and not blend to give it a pointillism effect. You can see the thick textures of the pastel strokes on the Cypress Tree Painting. I hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I loved painting them.

Cypress Trees, painting, Soft pastel

Cypress Trees
Soft Pastel w/Gel

Cypress trees, Painting, soft pastel

Cypress II
Soft Pastel w/Gel

Liebster Award


I’ve been nominated for the Liebster award not once but twice. Thank you, so very much bwhartwork  and TheStorytellingMom.

I really enjoy bwhartwork’s artwork and thestorytellingmom’s stories. When I started blogging I wasn’t really sure what I was doing ….just putting myself out there. I’ve found a lot of nice people on wordpress. Thank you all for your kind words and for visiting my blog.

11 Random facts about myself

1. I’m a Picture Framer. I’ve been framing for over 20 years. I frame other peoples art treasures. I design and help them pick out framing materials for their piece whether it be an oil painting, their child’s art or a jersey. You just never know what fun projects you”ll get!

2. I have two children, both are grown. My Son is married and is in the Navy. My Daughter is in College and studying Biology. Phew…. I finally have time to do my artwork. 🙂

3. I love kayaking with my boyfriend. I take pictures and he does his fly fishing.

4. We adopted a 5 year old Pomeranian last year a few days before Christmas.  We love her so much….. she’s such a sweetheart.

5. I’m original from Texas. My dad was in the Air Force; so he moved us around a lot. We ended our moving in Colorado; where I finished High school and College, and also was married for some time. Now I live in Wisconsin with my Fiance and my Daughter.

6. I am a Christian and I consider myself very spiritual.

7. I love Mexican Food. Chipotle’s Chicken Tacos…. I could eat them everyday for dinner, but I don’t. 😦 I’m trying to cut back on eating meat. So I guess I eat chicken once a month.

8. I love to travel and meet new people.

9. I love the springtime.

10. My boyfriend is so into watching PBS. He got me interested in Downton Abbey. I’m so looking forward to season 3.

11. I love Romantic Comedies!

Here are my answers to bwkartwork questions.

1. If you had to live in another country, what country would you choose?

I would Choose Canada. Some where secluded by a lot of trees and a lake, so I could go kayaking or sailing.

2. What is your favorite type of art?

I would say the post impressionist style; like artists such as Van Gogh, Gauguin,  Cezanne. I saw Van Gogh’s work at the Denver Art Museum. It was just magnificent. The thick layers of paint and the brush strokes; the prints and poster you see just don’t do his paintings justice.

3. What one thing you can’t do that you wish you could?

Play the Guitar.

4. Where would you rather live, the mountains or on the coast?

Where ever there’s a lake or ocean I’d be happy!

5. Who’s the one person from the 20th century that you would like to spend the day with and why?

I would like to meet the prodigy, Akiane Kramarik. I love her paintings and poetry they are very inspirational.

6. I your opinion who has the hardest job on the planet?

Parents, rising kids in today’s world of technology.

7. Do you think one’s quality of life was better when things were simpler?

Yes, we didn’t have a lot of the effects of global warming, and genetically modified organisms.

8. If you could go back in time, what would be the time period and why? (give me a 50 year period, Example: 1855-1905)

1878 – 1928 around there; to hang out with the Post Impressionist painters.

9. If you had three wishes, what would ask for?

1. Love one another 2. Everybody is treated equally and  3. Everybody has food nobody goes hungry!

10. do you think the world will be like 100 years from now?

a lot different than now 🙂 hopefully better.

11. If you could be stuck on one age your whole life, what age would it be and why?

I think I would choose 43, not to young and not to old, as long as I don’t have to develop my art style all over again. 🙂

Here are my answers to thestorytellingMom questions.

1. Name a fictional character you would want to be re-born as.

Grace Briggs in “Return to Me” because she gets Bob Rueland.

2. Name one negative character you have fallen in love with. Can be in books/ movies /anywhere.

This is a hard one. I don’t just fall in love with just anybody. I’m a picky individual.

3. Name a book/movie that has shaped/symbolize your childhood.

I liked watching musicals when I was little…. “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” is one that I could say that really sticks in my mind.

4. Name a song that can be given the title of ‘Childhood Anthem’.

Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World”

5. One good thing you would want your kids to learn from you.

Stay close to family, family is forever.

6. One bad thing you would never want your kids to inherit from you.

I can be a procrastinator at times.

7. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, what would be the way to a child’s heart?

Hugs, love, and kisses!!!

8. One bad habit you are struggling to overcome.

More Patience….

9. If you are stranded alone in an island and offered lifetime supply of one thing (except food) what would it be?

A cell phone with skype so I could communicate with the outside world.

10. You are leaving the world and on your way to heaven, you meet those who are going to be born into the world. What one advice about the world/ life would you give them?


11. Make a wish

I wish my daughter and son will always stay close to me.

I nominate these 11 Bloggers

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Here are my 11 questions to them

1. Who is your favorite artist, photographer or writer in the 21st century?

2. If you could be your favorite comic book/sci fi character who would it be and why?

3. If you could pick your perfect job what would it be?

4. If you won a million dollars; what would you do with it?

5. If you were offered a trip anywhere; where would you go and why?

6. If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

7. What is your favorite time of year?

8. Do you prefer living in the city or country, and why?

9. Do you like writing or are you more of a visual person?

10. Do you have a favorite song or singer, if so what or who is it?

11. If you had to lose one of your senses, which would you choose and why?

Adding Metal

I’ve been adding metal to some of my art pieces….like I have on my header.

I upcycled some scrap metal I had left over when I was doing etching.

Total size of this piece is 5″ x 7″. Tiny!

I painted on black pastel paper, rich dark green cypress trees and tall buildings with an outdoor cafe. Their reflections in the water with a passing sailboat.

This is where I would like to be. 🙂

WaterFront IV

Soft Pastel w/ Gel and Etched Metal side pieces

I’m also adding my Art Images to Metal and making some Jewelry pieces.

Jewelry w/Angel Image

Necklace with Angel Image on Metal

I’m having a lot of fun making these!

My Etsy Shop Coming Soon!

Exploring More Techniques

I feel as an artist I am constantly learning and perfecting my technique.

It’s has become a way of living for me.

My art is apart of who I am; a window to my soul.

I can’t ever see myself doing anything else.

Here is a painting of a tree I created. There are so many beautiful trees where I live. I get so excited.

They’re all so beautiful.

Where do I go first. I wanted to do something a little different; so I used my imagination and went more expressionistic.

Red Maple

Soft Pastel with Textured Gel 14″ x 14″

Feed My Creativity- Corel Photo Paint

Here’s an image I created recently using Corel Photo Paint; another tool I use to feed my creativity.

This took me about a day to create.

Lori Joi

An Angel – Lori Joi

This is the Original Photo

Lori Joe and water ski

Lori Joi and waterski

A lot of what I paint is from my imagination and memories of places and things I’ve seen or my own photos that I have taken. This image of an angel is part of a photo I took of my sister; and I manipulated it in a photo paint program. This is how I will remember Lori Joi, an angel. She passed away on April 14, 2011.

Welcome to My Artist Blog

I’m a fine artist and designer. I love creating, and bringing my ideas and images to reality.

I’ve been painting since I was a small child. I always new what I wanted to be…….. an ARTIST! I remember painting and drawing trees and horses and what ever caught my interest. My parents bought me an etch a sketch, which I loved. Just another tool to feed my creativity. I used what ever tool I could find; and sketching was my favorite pass time.

Every child is an artist. The  problem is how to remain an artist once we grow-up. – Pablo Picasso

I use mostly soft pastels to create most of my paintings. Some are the traditional pastels and others like the Tree painting below, I use a thick textured gel to seal the pastels. I also added some design elements at the bottom –  3 small wood frames.

Spirit of the Earth

Spirit of the Earth. Red Oak Tree, with small wood windows to it’s soul

My art is the window to my soul.
Please check out my website for more of my Paintings –